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How to Install Sand-Set Interlocking Pavers

How to install sand-set, interlocking pavers for driveways, patios, pool decks and all hardscape and landscape projects.

Paver Installation Steps

  1. Paint future deck on grass/area.
  2. Remove grass, including an additional 1 ft. around perimeter.
  3. Remove enough soil to allow for compacted aggregate base, about 1" of coarse sand and the thickness of the paver. Don't forget to pitch the deck. Continue the excavation at least 6" past the end of the deck. Some people mix cement into the existing soil to make a base in lieu of compacted aggregate.
    How to install pavers video on deck compaction.Initial compaction
  4. Distribute the aggregate and compact the area using a gas powered plate compactor.
  5. Use a line level from the coping to the outside of the deck. Allow for at least 1/8" per foot pitch.
    How to install pavers video on deck leveling.Level the deck.
  6. Shovel the screenings between two parallel pipes and screed with a 2x4 to make a smooth base.
    How to install pavers video on screeding.Screeding the deck.
  7. Then install the pavers by placing them next to each other. Do not allow sand between pavers, and make sure you keep the pattern straight.
    How to install pavers video placing pavers and creating patterns.Paver placement straight.
    How to install pavers video placing pavers and creating patterns.Paver placement diagonal.
  8. Cut the outside and the pool's perimeter.
    How to install pavers cutting the edge of the swimming pool.Cutting Outside the deck perimeter.
  9. Compact pavers into place. When using a compactor, use a piece of carpet or fine sand to protect the surface of the paver.
    How to install pavers video on paver compaction.Compacting with a compactor.
  10. Install a cement restraint or mud border onto footer.
    How to install pavers video on locking the border of the deck.Locking the deck edges
  11. Sweep cleaned screened bedding sand into spaces. Do not leave play sand too high.
    How to install pavers finishing sweeping.Play sand
  12. Initial cleaning of the deck.
    All decks should be cleaned upon completion of the pavers installation to remove dirt and construction debris.
    Test a small unobtrusive area first to ensure results are acceptable. Always wet the deck before applying any cleaning solution and make sure to follow all instructions from chemical supplier.
    Light color pavers: wash the deck with a mild mixture of 8.5 parts of water (85%) and 1.5 part of muriatic acid (15%).
    Dark color pavers: avoid using muriatic acid on dark colored products as it might alter the color. Instead, choose a cleaner that does not contain muriatic or phosphoric acid for better results.
    How to acid wash a paver deck.Initial cleaning of the deck
  13. Care and Maintenance Guide

  14. Care & Maintenance
    Keeping your property beautiful with Artistic Pavers requires little effort, however regular care and maintenance is a essencial to enjoy your deck or driveway for years to come.
    Download Artistic Paver Mfg. Care & Maintenance

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