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It's easy to create unique patterns and color combinations with Artistic Pavers.

Here you'll find pattern ideas and inspiration for your swimming pool deck, patio, driveway and all your exterior landscaping projects. Artistic Pavers can also be installed randomly, in an Ashlar or French type installation. Mix and match Artistic Pavers' wide variety of sizes, styles and colors for a distinctive look on any project.

Pattern for Pedestrian Applications Pattern for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Applications Pattern for Light Traffic  Applications

Patterns for Pedestrian Applications

Patterns for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Applications

Patterns for Light Traffic Applications

Ashlar 3 Sizes

Ashlar Pattern Three Sizes

Ashlar 3 Sizes Ratio

Ashlar 4 Sizes

Ashlar Pattern Four Sizes

Ashlar 4 Sizes Ratio


Straight Pattern

Straight Pattern Ratio
Click to see Straight Pattern Gallery

Straight Offset

Straight Offset Ratio

Diamond Straight


Diamond Straight Ratio

Diamond Offset

Diamond Offset Pattern

Diamond Offset Ratio

Hopscotch Diamond One Color


Hopscotch 12's & 16's Ratio
Hopscotch 8's & 16's Ratio
Hopscotch 8's & 12's Ratio



Herringbone Ratio


Pattern Herringbone Variation

Herringbone Variation Ratio

Running Bond


Running Bond Ratio

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